Hustle. Compete. Win


At Softball KC, we are dedicated to teaching young women the fundamentals of softball through consistent and quality instruction. Players will only improve if they are willing to commit their time and energy to work hard and making the effort to get better each day.

Hustle, train hard, and give us your all, week after week, and I guarantee your game will improve.

Our daughter decided to start playing softball at 12. We were concerned she was starting too late to be a serious player. In one year Softball KC helped our player grow from a first-time recreational player to a B-level competitive player with extremely solid fundamentals. All of the coaches are current or former collegiate players. We appreciate Softball KC’s hustle, compete, win culture and I would add that my player has developed confidence and character while training with Morgan, Ashley, and all of the coaches at Softball KC.
Carissa & Bill Keen

Ashley has been working with our daughter Brittany for over 7 years! Ashley spends time teaching the fundamentals of softball, the mechanics of becoming a consistent hitter and the mental game. She pushes Brittany to be able to self evaluate to make quick adjustments  in the batters box and on the field. Ashley has also provided Brittany with amazing opportunities to play for the top travel ball teams in the country as well as make college connections during the recruiting process. Brittany will be playing softball at the University of North Florida in the fall of 2019 because of the foundation Ashley built for our daughter.

Ed & Tracy Sundermier

Ashley has the ability to train the ordinary individual as well as experienced athlete. Ashley has had much success at the elite level. She has been trained by the best physical and mental trainers. She takes pride in her mental skills and how it applies to her physical teaching. The knowledge that Ashley has to offer is a great opportunity for anyone at any skill level.

Michelle Gromacki, Cal State Fullerton Head Coach/USA Softball Coaching Staff

Ashley’s credentials speak for themselves.  She has transformed my daughter’s softball skills and approach to the game in a tremendous way.  However, where I was more impressed was with Ashley’s impact on my daughter’s life apart from softball.  Ashley holds her accountable for her approach to school and life decisions.  Here her impact has been remarkable.  Ashley is a great life coach!

John Green


Softball KC offers year-round professional softball instruction. Using a uniform step-by-step teaching system, we encourage positive progress even outside of the lessons. Team up with us on a regular basis to get the most out of your training!


The best results come from students who commit to showing up every week, do their homework and trust the process. You’ll be taught to work harder, to over prepare, to never settle. Most importantly, your attitude will transform from thinking that you can, to knowing that you always WILL!


  • Experience: 25 years of combined playing and coaching.

  • Free evaluations to discuss your daughters skill level and goals
  • We connect with our girls to build trust
  • We hold all of our girls accountable
  • Most importantly: Your daughter will get results!


We provide personalized skill training to any level player who is committed to improving her softball skills.

30 Minute Lesson

  • Any lesson type
    (Hitting, Fielding/Throwing, Pitching, Catching)

60 Minute Lesson

  • Any lesson type
    (Hitting, Fielding/Throwing, Pitching, Catching)